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De federale overheid zoekt versterking voor het EU-voorzitterschap

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-04-29 16: 36: 12 , [ad_1] In de eerste helft van 2024 zal ons land het EU-voorzitterschap bekleden. Om het voorzitterschap in goede banen te leiden, is de federale overheid op zoek naar tal van nieuwe tijdelijke medewerkers. Daarom staat nu een generieke selectieprocedure voor master- en bachelorprofielen open voor iedereen. Van januari tot juni 2024 zal ons land voor de dertiende keer het voorzitterschap van de Raad van de Europese Unie bekleden. Zoals altijd is dit een unieke kans om nog meer invloed uit te oefenen op de Europese agenda. De verschillende federale instanties zullen dan de nodige ondersteuning moeten kunnen bieden, vandaar de behoefte aan extra personeel op verschillende gebieden. Aangezien alle jobs verband houden met het EU-voorzitterschap, zullen alleen arbeidsovereenkomsten voor bepaalde duur worden aangeboden, variërend van zeven maanden tot 1,5 jaar. Zowel ervaren als onervaren kandidaten kunnen solliciteren. Voor jonge werkzoekenden is dit een uitstekende gelegenheid om ervaring op te doen via uitdagende projecten in een internationale context, met de mogelijkheid om een Europees netwerk op te bouwen. Wilt u een bijdrage leveren aan het succes van het EU-voorzitterschap? Of kent u de geknipte persoon om de federale overheid in deze taak bij te staan? De generieke selectieprocedure is reeds opgestart en solliciteren is mogelijk tot en met 31 mei. De laureaten worden op een reservelijst geplaatst en ontvangen vervolgens concrete werkaanbiedingen. Lees dit nieuwsbericht om meer te weten te komen over de aanwervende organisaties en over hoe je kunt bijdragen aan het Belgische EU-voorzitterschap. Als je nog vragen hebt, kijk dan bij de veelgestelde vragen of stuur een e-mail naar preparationUE2024@bosa.fgov.be. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Carbon removal certification: call for evidence

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 28: 38 , ENRD News [ad_1] Carbon farming stakeholders are invited to participate in the European Commission’s consultation on a framework for the certification of carbon removals. Our ENRD Thematic Group on Carbon Farming held their first meeting in March, during which DG CLIMA highlighted the EU’s Call for evidence for an impact assessment concerning certification of carbon rules. The consultation is aimed at entities delivering carbon removals, including land managers, farmers, foresters, and industrial companies operating the capture and storage of carbon. It also concerns academia and all potential purchasers of carbon removals, including companies in the food processing sector and digital technology sector, as well as public administrations in Member States interested in increasing carbon removals. Other groups of stakeholders are those in existing voluntary carbon removal markets, e.g. certification bodies or financial agents traditionally supporting the land sector. This call for evidence is open for feedback until 2 May 2022. In other news about carbon farming, Member States’ agricultural ministers have adopted conclusions on carbon farming, based on the parts of the Commission’s ‘sustainable carbon cycles’ communication that deal with agriculture and forestry. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Strengthening social capital in Ireland’s countryside

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 31: 26 , ENRD News [ad_1] LEADER’s capacity for inspiring rural innovation and building social capital in rural Europe is personified by an Irish cooperation project example. This takes advantage of digital opportunities to network local people around common rural development interests. The www.innovating.ie project covers six LAG areas along the EU border region with Northern Ireland. It provides an interactive online tool for rural residents to highlight their own priorities, interests, challenges, and ideas that could be advanced through rural development projects. People first advertise their proposals on the website in a Challenge Bank. Then, if enough local people collectively endorse the proposal submitted, a second stage involves capacity building training being arranged to develop a project that could implement the proposal. Training needs identified already include issues around minimising food waste, habitat conservation, and social services. Ireland’s example shows how LEADER support strengthens and sustains social capital in rural Europe. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Transition pathway for tourism | The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15:34:26 , ENRD News [ad_1] Together with the EU tourism community, the European Commission has launched the Transition Pathway for Tourism – a roadmap for the industry and destinations, a blueprint of European tourism that is greener, fit for the digital age and future challenges and ultimately more resilient and competitive. The co-creation process has been inclusive, working with the industry, public national, regional and local authorities, social partners and other stakeholders, including also in rural areas. Tourism ecosystem has been the first to launch this pathway to accelerate the green and digital transition among the 14 industrial ecosystems (European industrial strategy). To implement the pathway together, tourism stakeholders are invited to reflect on what could be their concrete commitment towards the transition of EU tourism by 2030 through an online survey, open until the end of May. The promotion of rural tourism in line with the EU’s long-term vision for rural areas is important for this transformation. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

European Green Deal Statistics | The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15:43:38 , ENRD News [ad_1] You can follow progress with the European Green Deal through a new set of data charts provided by the European Commission. These give an overview of 26 indicators divided into three main topics: Reducing our climate impact; Protecting our planet & health; and Enabling a green and just transition. This latest data is presented through a series of new interactive visualisation tools showing statistics relevant for the European Green Deal, which is one of the six European Commission priorities for 2019 – 24. The tool aims to help users of European data discover the statistical indicators in an attractive and intuitive way. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

EU Ecolabel tourist accommodations | The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 46: 09 , ENRD News [ad_1] Synonymous with environmental excellence, the EU Ecolabel is awarded to products and services that meet very strict environmental standards throughout their life cycle. In the tourism sector, over 500 hotels and campsites across Europe and also its rural areas have been awarded the EU Ecolabel. These environmentally conscious tourism operators are committed to reducing water consumption, plastic waste and greenhouse gas emissions while you are travelling. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

How can forests help reduce reliance on fossil fuels

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 49: 28 , ENRD News [ad_1] On 21 March the 10th International Forestry Day celebrated and raised awareness of the importance of all types of forests. The theme for 2022, chosen each year by Collaborative Partnership on Forests, was ‘Forests and sustainable production and consumption.’ The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently published the report that brings together the most up-to-date knowledge on the role of forest products in the global bioeconomy and the possibilities for wood-based products to replace fossil-based and greenhouse gas-intensive products. According to this report, switching from fossil-based products to renewable wood-based products can help mitigate climate change and can contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Podcast: EU Organic Awards | The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 52: 11 , ENRD News [ad_1] The new EU Organic Awards are featured in this month’s Food for Europe podcast from DG AGRI which interviews different actors in the organic value chain including leading organic producers and suppliers. Episode 14 of the podcast series also includes policy contributions from Janusz Wojciechowski - Commissioner for Agriculture, Peter Schmidt - President of the European Economic and Social Committee’s Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment section, and Uroš Brežan - Mayor of the small Slovenian town of Tolmin and representing the European Committee of the Regions.   [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Rural services in the Nordic countries

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 54: 42 , ENRD News [ad_1] The Nordic Thematic Group for Green and Inclusive Rural Development has been analysing essential service needs for different types of societal groups and rural areas. The aim is to better understand and define both demand and solutions to challenges of rural service provision. Access to libraries and pharmacies emerges among the biggest differences between Nordic rural and urban regions. Common challenges identified for rural regions include the limited availability of public sector funds to cover all the service needs and this inhibits capacity to attract skilled workers. Digital solutions are seen as a potential way forward in rural service provision, as well as in employment and education. Appreciation of the importance of monitoring is considered key to sustaining the right level and model of place-based service delivery for rural services. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Honey bees: protection study | The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 56: 16 , ENRD News [ad_1] A new study about the risks to honey bees from the parasitic mite Varroa destructor provide important results that will help contribute to reducing the treatment of bees with chemical and pharmaceutical products. The study was the largest assessment on honey bee selection ever conducted in Europe. It explored the possibilities for increasing the resistance of commercial bees to the Varroa mite by selective breeding. It also analysed the ways to improve beekeepers’ access to resistant material. Conclusions demonstrate that selection on Varroa tolerance can be efficient and detail how breeding structures should be established. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Brain drain: consultation | The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 59: 09 , ENRD News [ad_1] Several Member States and regions are facing population decline, caused by factors such as low fertility rates and net emigration. The emigration of skilled workers, referred to as ‘brain drain’, undermines the growth potential of the concerned regions. A public call for evidence is open until 22 June 2022 on this brain drain topic. Findings will help prepare information to analyse the various drivers and long-term consequences of brain drain, as well as potential solutions to stop or even reverse it. This may include a territorial analysis identifying the impacted regions and an assessment of the sectors and professional activities most exposed to brain drain (such as health professionals, scientists, and researchers). [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Food security crises: conflict, COVID, and climate  

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 14: 56: 48 , ENRD News [ad_1] Member States’ food security continues to suffer from shocks which the European Commission has committed to help tackle through a new eight-point international plan. Launched in late March to support the United Nation’s (UN) food security agenda, this EU set of voluntary alliances for collective action intends to help transform food systems to advance the Farm to Fork Strategy. Topics include international networking of best practices in tackling food waste and nutrition issues, shifting production towards plant-based diets, and upscaling agro-ecology through local innovation, science, and knowledge. The UN also released information, at the end of March, of relevance to EU Member States about impacts of the Ukraine war on food security covering risks and recommendations - such as caution concerning spread of animal disease and the need to avoid introducing export barriers. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

CAP-funded credit for solar powered irrigation

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 14: 59: 49 , ENRD News [ad_1] More than 40 Megawatt of new solar energy capacity for agri-food irrigation is planned through innovative financial instrument proposals for the CAP in Spain. This is being progressed by the SolAqua Horizon project which is focused on increasing Europe’s share of renewable energy consumption through solar powered irrigation by the agri-food sector. A core component of SolAqua’s knowledge development and networking actions involve piloting new credit tools to facilitate market uptake of photovoltaic irrigation systems. The project’s financial instrument tests will help support contributions to the European Green Deal’s Fit for 55 initiative regarding reducing greenhouse gas emissions. SolAqua staff are keen to share their proposals and they invite CAP Managing Authorities to contact them for further information about their inspired use of CAP financing. They highlight the range of possibilities that CAP Managing Authorities can take advantage of from financial instruments - to help make public money go further and investing in climate action more affordable for the agri-food sector. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

ENRD Thematic Groups and events

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 03: 26 , ENRD News [ad_1] Our ENRD Thematic Groups continue to progress their work and new meetings of the members are being organised over the coming months. The 2nd meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group on Rural Proofing is scheduled for 19 May. On 25 May our ENRD Thematic Group on Making the seven LEADER principles work in practice for all LAGs under the CAP Strategic Plans will continue their work. Members gather on 1 June for the next meeting of the Thematic Group on Sustainability Agreements in the agri-food supply chain and the Carbon Farming Thematic Group will meet again on 9 June. Stay up-to-date with these Thematic Groups through their event webpages which include video recordings from the main plenary presentations. Other ENRD meetings in the pipeline include the 22nd National Rural Network’s meeting on 5 May, and 16 May is the date for the ENRD’s 17th Rural Networks Steering Group. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Project of the month: CAP funds nurture the resilience of nutritional food supplies in Italy

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 14: 03: 22 , ENRD News [ad_1] Key aims of the Farm to Fork Strategy include ensuring food security, nutrition, and public health, making sure that everyone has access to sufficient, safe, nutritious, sustainable food. Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) support is helping Member States achieve these aims and an Italian climate action project by the Società Agricola Terre Sabine shows how CAP can make this happen on the ground for the long term. Europe’s health, climate, and conflict crises underline the importance of food security and nutrition for EU citizens. CAP can help strengthen the autonomy of supplies of healthy plant-based foods including fruit and vegetables. One of many CAP examples of this is found in Italy’s Lazio region where the nutritional, economic, and environmental value of cherry orchards has been protected by Rural Development Programme funds covering 80% of hail netting costs. Results of this good practice approach safeguard the security of healthy food supplies by adapting fruit production practices to better cope with extreme weather risks. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

CAP strategic plans: observation letters

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 14: 48: 17 , ENRD News [ad_1] The European Commission has sent ‘Observations letters’ to 21 Member States who were among the first to submit their proposed CAP Strategic Plans.  These letters were sent to Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. They identify elements of the proposed plans that require further explanation, completion or adjustments before the Commission can approve them. Alongside the letters, the Commission has created an overview of the content of the letters, which summarises the key elements of the first 19 proposed plans and the related observations which are made for each country. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Simplifying and strengthening geographical indications for food

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 14: 53: 10 , ENRD News [ad_1] New simplification measures are being proposed to strengthen and improve the existing system of Geographical indications (GIs). Revised GI procedures aim to boost the number of quality products, benefit rural economies, preserve natural resources, and protect the global reputation of EU food. Member States’ GIs provide high food quality standards and ensure that cultural, gastronomic, and local heritage is preserved and certified as authentic within the EU and across the world. Revised GI proposals published at the end of March plan to modernise and merge the different technical and procedural rules within a single simplified GI registration procedure for EU and non-EU applicants. Harmonisation is expected to increase GI attractiveness by reducing time periods between submission and registration of GI applications. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

CAP facts and figures analysis

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-28 15: 09: 32 , ENRD News [ad_1] Member States’ contributions to the specific objectives of the new CAP are analysed and explained in a set of new country fact sheets available on the EU’s Agri-food data portal. A collection of informative graphs and figures have been produced for the new analytical factsheets. These illustrated facts and figures provide an overview of the agricultural sector and rural development at EU and country levels based on the ten specific objectives and indicators used to measure the performance of the CAP. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Belastingaangifte 2022 | Belgium.be

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-04-27 11: 00: 06 , [ad_1] U kunt ze vanaf nu raadplegen en invullen! Uw aangifte in elektronische versie kunt u indienen tot 15 juli 2022. Voor de papieren aangifte is de deadline 30 juni 2021. Die papieren aangifte wordt verstuurd in de loop van de maand mei.   Als u een beroep doet op een mandataris (boekhouder…) dan hebt u tot 30 september 2022 om uw aangifte in te dienen.  Hulp bij het invullen De medewerkers van de FOD Financiën staan u bij per telefoon. Wacht niet tot het laatste moment! Na 29 juni 2022 is er geen hulp meer mogelijk! Voor meer informatie kunt u de website van de FOD Financiën raadplegen.  [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

What role can Europe’s land and marine habitats play in carbon storage, sequestration? — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2022-04-27 10: 50: 00 , News [ad_1] In theory, well-functioning and healthy habitats can uptake and store large amounts of carbon and contribute to help Europe mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, as the EEA briefing 'Carbon stocks and sequestration in terrestrial and marine ecosystems: a lever for nature restoration?' points out putting such measures into practice is more complex. Synergies but also trade-offs will have to be carefully considered to make sure nature conservation and restoration objectives and climate mitigation actions do not act against each other. The EEA briefing, based on a larger scoping review by the EEA and the Wageningen University and Research, is the first attempt to classify a selected group of different land and marine habitats and ecosystems according to their carbon stocks and carbon sequestration capacities. The study used the European Nature Information System (EUNIS) habitat classification system. The aim is to build up a base of knowledge and data for future research on carbon storage capacities in support of nature restoration and conservation as well as climate mitigation policies. Forests and wetlands Among land ecosystems and habitats, forests have the highest carbon sequestration rates and reach up to three times that of wetlands and farmland, according to the study. Forests take up more carbon above and below ground over a same period compared to other ecosystems but there are many differences depending on where the forests are located across Europe. Wetlands have relative low carbon sequestration rates but can accumulate carbon over decades and even many centuries, explaining their very large storage capacity, which on average, exceeds all other habitats. Relatively high sequestration rates in land used for agriculture are mostly harvested and only provide minor contributions to carbon storage in our nature. Marine ecosystems are the largest long-term sink for carbon in the biosphere, storing and cycling an estimated 93% of the Earth’s carbon dioxide. Carbon sequestration and storage Carbon sequestration is the process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in carbon pools of the specific habitats like above ground biomass, roots and soil. The absolute quantity of carbon held within a habitat pool at a specified time is carbon stock or storage. The rate with which the carbon is stored is referred to as the carbon sequestration rate.   Location field [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.eea.europa.eu

Ontdek hoe je dankzij intellectuele eigendom meer waarde kunt geven aan de activiteiten van jouw onderneming

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-04-27 10: 54: 27 , [ad_1] Volgens een Europees onderzoek heeft 90% van de kmo’s geen geregistreerde intellectuele-eigendomsrechten. Naar aanleiding van deze vaststelling lanceerden vijf Belgische en Nederlandse overheidsorganisaties een gezamenlijk digitaal platform onder de naam "Create, Protect & Benefit". Dit instrument wil de drie miljoen ondernemingen van de Benelux in staat stellen de waardevermeerdering van intellectuele eigendom beter te begrijpen.  Dat is niet zonder reden: slechts 3% van de Belgische bedrijven heeft tussen 2010 en 2019 rechten geregistreerd, hoewel intellectuele eigendom werkelijk een positieve impact heeft op de groei en productiviteit van een kmo.  Bedrijven die hun creaties beschermen, genereren immers gemiddeld tot 68% meer inkomsten per werknemer.   Het afdwingen van je rechten is dan ook een sleutelfactor voor de toekomst van je onderneming en de stijging van je omzet. Daarbovenop hebben deze rechten niet alleen betrekking op hightech-uitvindingen, maar ook op de meeste ontwikkelingen binnen een bedrijf, van een eenvoudig product tot de broncode van een toepassing.  Aarzel dus niet om het platform "Create, Protect & Benefit" te bezoeken om meer te weten te komen over intellectuele eigendomsrechten aan de hand van twaalf praktische gidsen en getuigenissen van CEO's van Vlaamse, Waalse en Nederlandse bedrijven.    [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Etiketteringsproblematiek bij voedingsmiddelen door de actuele geopolitieke situatie

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-04-26 13:27:33 , [ad_1] Het conflict in Oekraïne leidt tot een tekort aan bepaalde grondstoffen, zoals zonnebloemproducten (zonnebloemolie, zonnebloempitten ...). Daardoor zijn sommige producenten van voedingsmiddelen genoodzaakt om de samenstelling van hun producten te wijzigen. Dergelijke wijzigingen moeten ze vermelden op de etikettering van die voedingsmiddelen. Om de belangen van de consument en de continuïteit van een voedselveilige productie te verzekeren, heeft de FOD Economie, in overleg met de FOD Volksgezondheid en het Federaal Agentschap voor de voedselveiligheid (FAVV) een tijdelijke uitzonderingsprocedure uitgewerkt: ondernemingen die niet in staat zijn de verpakking of etikettering van hun producten onmiddellijk aan te passen, mogen die producten verder verhandelen, op voorwaarde dat ze de consument op een alternatieve manier daarover informeren. Daarvoor werd speciaal een online platform gecreëerd. Daarin kunnen ondernemingen voor elk betrokken product aan de overheid doorgeven welke ingrediënten zijn gebruikt ter vervanging van de grondstoffen waaraan een tekort is. In sommige gevallen is de uitzonderingsprocedure niet van toepassing. Het platform kan dus niet altijd worden gebruikt. De volledige voorwaarden voor de toepassing van de procedure vindt u op de website van de FOD Economie. U vindt er ook tips voor het melden van veranderingen in allergenen en voedingsinformatie. Wilt u een wijziging in de etikettering doorgeven? U vindt het platform via de volgende link: labelingderogation.economie.fgov.be. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Europe is not on track to halve non-recycled municipal waste by 2030 — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2022-04-26 11: 00: 00 , News [ad_1] The EEA briefing ‘Reaching 2030’s residual municipal waste target — why recycling is not enough’ analyses recent municipal waste trends in the EU in the light of achieving two key waste targets: the obligation for each EU Member State to recycle at least 60% of municipal waste by 2030, and the EU level goal of halving residual municipal waste that is landfilled or incinerated by 2030. The amount of residual municipal waste has remained relatively stable in the EU over the past 5 years, at about 113 million tonnes, because the recycling rates and the amount of waste generated have increased approximately with the same pace. In 2020, about 48% of municipal waste in the EU was recycled. If more municipal waste keeps getting generated, the EU would have to recycle about 72% of it to meet the target of halving the amount of residual (non-recycled) municipal waste by 2030. Alternatively, the target could be achieved by reducing the amount of waste generated by around one third and achieving the 60% recycling rate in all EU member states, according to the EEA analysis. Reaching the 72% recycling rate would require significant improvement in waste collection systems and recycling infrastructure, as well as a widespread redesign of consumer products for easier recycling, the EEA briefing states. However, preventing waste generation in the first place would deliver the greatest benefits for the environment. This would require, for example, increasing the lifespan of consumer goods and ensuring strong support for product reuse. As part of the European Green Deal and the Circular economy action plan, the European Commission has recently made a package of proposals to make goods on the EU market more friendly to the environment, circular, and energy efficient, as well as a new strategy to make textiles more durable, repairable, reusable and recyclable. Western Balkan countries struggle to improve waste management The EEA briefing ‘Municipal waste management in the Western Balkan countries’ calls attention to growing amounts of municipal waste and improper waste management in the region. Most municipal waste in the Western Balkans is still sent to landfill and there is an urgent need to invest in separate collection systems and recycling infrastructure, the EEA briefing states. Western Balkans' waste legislation and targets are increasingly following EU directives but data on waste generation and management remain largely insufficient. There are many initiatives to improve data quality but illegal, substandard and informal activities hinder the proper funding and functioning of the legal infrastructure and its improvement, the EEA briefing warns. Extended producer responsibility schemes could provide additional funding for improving waste management in the region, if they are designed, governed and implemented well. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.eea.europa.eu

Minister Wilmès draagt tijdelijk bevoegdheden over

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-04-22 12:01:28 , [ad_1] Vice-eersteminister en minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Sophie Wilmès draagt tijdelijk haar bevoegdheden over omwille van persoonlijke redenen.Eerste Minister Alexander De Croo zal tijdelijk haar bevoegdheden Buitenlandse Zaken en Europese Zaken waarnemen.Minister van Middenstand, Zelfstandigen, KMOs en Landbouw, Institutionele Hervormingen en Democratische Vernieuwing, David Clarinval wordt tijdelijk belast met de bevoegdheid Buitenlandse Handel. Hij zal haar ook vervangen in het kernkabinet.Mathieu Michel, Staatssecretaris voor Digitalisering, belast met Administratieve Vereenvoudiging, Privacy en de Regie der gebouwen, wordt belast met de bevoegdheid Federale Culturele Instellingen.   [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Bezoek de Koninklijke Serres van Laken

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-04-15 10: 48: 22 , [ad_1] De Koninklijke Serres van Laken worden jaarlijks in de lente opengesteld voor het publiek. Dit jaar is dat tot 8 mei. De Koninklijke Serres maken deel uit van de voornaamste Belgische monumenten uit de 19e eeuw. Ze zijn volledig opgetrokken uit metaal en glas, wat voor die tijd een merkwaardige vernieuwing betekende. De Serres bevatten een belangrijke verzameling planten en bloemen, waaronder een aantal exotische variëteiten. Er wordt gevraagd om op voorhand het bezoek aan de Koninklijke Serres te reserveren op www.koninklijke-serres-royales.be. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

33rd FAO Regional Conference for Europe

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-13 10: 56: 51 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] The 33rd Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Europe (ERC) will be held in hybrid modality and it is open to all FAO Members in the Europe and Central Asia region. Debate at the ministerial round table will identify and discuss priority issues in the Europe and Central Asia region for gaining the optimal balance among agrifood systems, the environment and the use of natural resources. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Beheer uw voorschriften in de mobiele app Mijn Geneesmiddelen

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-04-13 15: 41: 12 , [ad_1] Op 12 april 2022 werd de app Mijn Geneesmiddelen door de overheid gelanceerd. De app biedt de mogelijkheid om al uw openstaande voorschriften op een veilige manier te beheren. Mijn Geneesmiddelen maakt een papieren voorschrift overbodig. Het volstaat om het voorschrift in de app aan de apotheker te tonen en u krijgt zo de geneesmiddelen mee naar huis. Daarnaast maakt de app het mogelijk om voorgeschreven geneesmiddelen te reserveren bij de apotheek en kan u zelf bepalen wie welke voorschriften kan zien. Voor elk afzonderlijk voorschrift kan u namelijk kiezen of het zichtbaar is voor apotheken of niet. Afhankelijk van de voorkeur van de patiënt kan er echter nog steeds een papieren bewijs gevraagd worden aan de arts. Meer informatie vindt u op de pagina Mijn Geneesmiddelen van het RIZIV. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Social innovation in shrinking villages

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-04-13 11: 24: 53 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] KINESIS project (Knowledge alliance for social innovation in Shrinking villages) is organising webinars on depopulation and shrinkage on Wednesdays. This third session will discuss the case study of ‘Patrimonio para jóvenes’ from Fundación Botín in Spain. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu