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Rural Inspiration Awards 2022: popular vote now open!

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 24: 04 , ENRD News [ad_1] Make sure you place your vote online for the CAP-funded project that you think is most worthy of winning the popular vote category in this year’s Rural Inspiration Awards (RIA 2022)! The Rural Inspiration Awards (RIA) 2022 theme is 'The Future is Youth'. There are 24 projects to choose from in the online vote which this year prioritises CAP projects supporting the involvement of young people in rural areas. The short-listed projects cover four RIA 2022 thematic categories linked to the long-term vision for rural areas: Green Futures, Digital Futures, Resilient Futures, and Socially Inclusive & Innovative Futures. Have your say and show us which project you think should win the popular vote on youth. The winner will be announced at the RIA 2022 awards ceremony on 6 October 2022 in Brussels as part of the EU CAP Network Launch event.   [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

National Rural Network Clusters update

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 25: 13 , ENRD News [ad_1] National Rural Network (NRN) Clusters continue to offer popular and productive informal exchange forums where representatives from neighbouring NRNs share experiences and ideas about relevant peer-learning topics identified by the Cluster members. A round of Cluster meetings took place before the summer holidays. These involved the Atlantic Cluster discussing their plans for the new National CAP Networks and agreeing to focus in more detail on this topic in their next meeting. The most recent gathering of the Central & Eastern European Cluster talked about feedback received on the CAP Network section of the CSPs and the Action Plan preparation. In the Mediterranean Cluster, the topic of Cluster communication was discussed along with other updates from members on Network mapping. NRN evaluation remains a mutual interest for members of the Nordic Baltic Cluster meetings, where their June session heard from the European Evaluation Helpdesk for Rural Development on this topic.     [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

ENRD Thematic Group meets to discuss organics

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 26: 25 , ENRD News [ad_1] The ENRD is involved with encouraging more upscaling of organic production through new thematic work exploring current approaches to cooperation in the organic value chain. Members of our new Thematic Group on strengthening the position of farmers in the Organic Food Supply Chain met for the first time earlier in September. Their remit takes in issues regarding organisational governance and sectoral focus of organic value chains. Other analysis considers potential areas of intervention under the new CAP that can support collective actions across the organic value chain – like funding for conversion, maintenance, knowledge exchange, innovation, cooperation, or young farmers. Outcomes from our first meeting of this Thematic Group took stock of the policy and regulatory framework for EU organic value chains and began the process of identifying enabling conditions, or barriers, to strengthen the role of producers in the organic value chain. Related good practices will now start to be shared by Thematic Group members illustrating success factors.  [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

New rules for biopesticides | The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 27: 26 , ENRD News [ad_1] Good news from the Farm to Fork strategy highlights new possibilities for faster authorisation of biopesticides: based on micro-organisms instead of chemicals. This latest Farm to Fork development from the EU may help increase the availability and access to low risk plant protection products for use in Member States. This new regulatory development from the Farm to Fork strategy offers EU farmers upscaling options by replacing chemical plant protection products  biological alternatives that are more environmentally sustainable. The biological and ecological properties of each micro-organism in plant protection products will be at the heart of the scientific risk assessment process before micro-organisms can be approved as active substances in plant protection products. Such rules should speed up the authorisation of micro-organisms and plant protection products containing them. The new legal framework will apply from November 2022 and may lead to greater availability of low risk pesticides and better protection of farmers and consumers. It may also have a positive effect on organic production because organic farmers may only use low risk pesticides. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Farm certification schemes: current state of play

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 29: 27 , ENRD News [ad_1] Recent research for the European Parliament’s AGRI committee reveals the current situation for nearly 200 different farm certification schemes for agricultural products and foodstuffs. Parliament’s assessment of these schemes show they provide assurance that certain characteristics or attributes of the product or its production method or system have been observed. Nine main types of certification schemes were categorised during the AGRI committee research and appraised for their contributions to the EU sustainability objectives - such as management of resources; protection of the environment; health and animal welfare; and climate change. A significant share of the schemes covered requirements related to the new CAP conditionality framework (statutory management requirements [SMRs] and good agricultural and environmental conditions [GAECs]). Only a few schemes provide guarantees beyond the required practices of a significant number of SMRs and GAECs. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Food labelling: consumer feedback studies

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 30: 51 , ENRD News [ad_1] A suite of new evidence is available to help inform policy makers and practitioners involved with food information. Front-of-pack nutrition labelling, alcohol content, place of origin, and other labelling practices have been assessed by the Joint Research Council (JRC). A synthesis of these research findings promoted this month indicates that information about both country of origin and place or region of origin is shown to have a substantial influence on consumers’ food choices. In addition, menu labels, shelf-labels, and point-of-sale signs, can be more effective at influencing consumers towards healthy behaviours, when compared to online means that require external tools (i.e. QR codes or website links) to access the information. Consumers generally value front-of-pack nutrition labels as a quick and easy way to acquire nutrition information when making purchase decisions. Front-of-pack nutrition labelling also seems to provide incentives to food businesses to improve the nutritional quality of their products, such as by reducing added salt or sugars. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

EU banana production benefits from CAP funding

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 31: 38 , ENRD News [ad_1] Bananas might not be thought of as a common EU crop, but banana production supports the livelihoods of many farming families in Member States and new report highlights how important CAP support is for the EU’s banana sector. Bananas are one of the most important crops in the EU outermost regions where the largest producers are found in Spain (Canary Islands), France (Martinique and Guadeloupe) and Portugal (Madeira and Azores). CAP supports the competitiveness of these EU banana farms and their partners in food value chains through rural development funding and POSEI aid. The name POSEI refers to the French acronym Programme d'Options Spécifiques à l'Éloignement et l'insularité. POSEI uses the European Agricultural Guidance Fund to support specific measures for agriculture in the outermost regions. Findings from the recent analysis of EU banana production show that the CAP’s funding has had a positive impact on the sector. Other observations note that EU trade policy has been able to achieve a good balance between different objectives by respecting the EU’s international obligations, maintaining a stable relationship with all EU trading partners and meeting the steadily increasing EU consumption. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Operational Group projects from Romania, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 34: 21 , ENRD News [ad_1] Several new and updated projects from Operational Groups in Romania, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands have been published on the EIP-AGRI Support Facility’s website. The list of the new and updated innovative projects covers a broad collection of different topics including innovative bioproducts for fruit protection; short-supply chains; livestock management; climate action; agri equipment; and much more. See the newly published Operational Groups’ projects, as well as the full list of over 2 300 Operational Groups’ actions, on the EIP-AGRI Support Facility’s website. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Improving the monitoring of CAP’s Green Architecture

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 35: 42 , ENRD News [ad_1] The European Evaluation Helpdesk for Rural Development has highlighted recent research that shows how machine learning can help birdlife monitoring in grasslands receiving CAP support. This automated methodology is capable of monitoring CAP’s success in protecting steppe birds through Green Architecture schemes that aim to improve feeding and breeding conditions of these species. It applies satellite data from the EU’s Earth observation programme (Copernicus) in a tool that continuously monitors 100% of a specified area continuously over time. This helps optimise administrative resources and provides an effective picture of biodiversity habitat conditions. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Soil carbon: key messages | The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-28 22: 36: 30 , ENRD News [ad_1] EU soils are losing carbon and a new briefing note from the European Environmental Agency (EEA) presents soil carbon information extracted from the 2021 national greenhouse gas inventories, as reported by Member States for the year 2019. EEA analysis in the online briefing gives an overview on the status of soil carbon pools across Europe. It states that during 2019, Member States reported a loss of carbon from 17.8Mha of land with organic soil (4.2% of the total land area), corresponding to emissions of 108Mt CO2, while 387.6Mha of mineral soil secured net removals of 44Mt CO2. EEA also point out that trade-offs can occur in climate mitigation action including an increase in non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions, which can have negative consequences for biodiversity and food production. Thus, careful consideration of co-impacts should be considered when planning and implementing different land use practices. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Your Partners for Rural Digitalisation: The BCO Network and EU CAP Network

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-14 10: 33: 00 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] This event will inform and empower rural development actors to connect with their local Broadband Competence Offices and CAP Network branches as key partners to foster, accelerate and improve rural digitalisation projects. It will showcase how these EU networks act as platforms for knowledge exchange and capacity building, supporting rural communities to effectively deploy digital infrastructure and solutions, and to become familiar with and implement innovative practices. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Word jij finalist van de ‘Student Award BTSZ 2022’?

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-09-26 15: 10: 19 , [ad_1] Het Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Sociale Zekerheid (BTSZ) organiseert ook dit jaar de Student Award BTSZ om de meest verdienstelijke masterscripties over sociale zekerheid en sociale bescherming in de schijnwerpers te plaatsen. Het BTSZ is een multidisciplinair, wetenschappelijk tijdschrift dat een divers doelpubliek informeert over Belgische sociale zekerheid en sociale bescherming binnen de Europese context. Behandel jij in je scriptie een thema van de sociale bescherming en/of sociale zekerheid, dien dan zeker je kandidatuur in voor de Student Award BTSZ 2022. Lees meer over de deelnemingsvoorwaarden op de website van de FOD Sociale Zekerheid. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Average carbon dioxide emissions from new cars registered in Europe decreased by 12% in 2020, final data shows — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2022-09-26 13: 01: 15 , News [ad_1] The share of electric vehicle registrations tripled from 3.5% in 2019 to 11.6% in 2020 (including 6.2% full electric vehicles and 5.4% plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). Despite the shrinking overall market for new cars due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the total number of new electric cars registered in 2020 increased to over 1 million. About 1.4 million new vans were registered in Europe in 2020 with average emissions 1.9 % lower than in 2019. The share of electric vans increased from 1.4% in 2019 to 2.3% in 2020. The final data are available through the EEA’s data viewer on CO2 emissions of new cars and new vans. About testing vehicle emissions The CO2 emissions of new light-duty vehicles are tested according to the ‘type approval’ procedures. Since 2017, the more realistic Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) is in place, gradually replacing the outdated New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). EEA activities  The EEA collects and regularly makes available data on new passenger cars and vans registered in Europe, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2019/631. The data, including information on CO2 emissions and vehicle mass, are reported by all EU Member States, the United Kingdom (until 2020), Iceland (since 1 January 2018) and Norway (since 1 January 2019) in order to evaluate the CO2 emission performance of the new vehicle fleet. Compliance with targets  The European Commission will confirm whether individual manufacturers or pools have met their own specific annual targets, which are based on the average mass of the vehicles registered.   Location field [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.eea.europa.eu

Network to innovate: Animal health and welfare

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-13 15: 25: 57 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] National Rural Networks of Estonia, Finland and Latvia are organising the sixth workshop ‘Network to innovate: Animal health and welfare’. The workshops will give the opportunity to meet other actors in the field, exchange knowledge and possibly even form new partnerships. The working language of the workshop is English. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

20th EU Regions Week: inclusion and integration of migrants and refugees in rural areas

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-14 10: 24: 40 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] As part of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022, DG HOME and DG AGRI will be running a workshop on the inclusion and integration of migrants and refugees in rural areas, which will build upon the EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion (watch a short explanatory video on the action plan here) and the long-term vision for the EU's rural areas. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

EU unlikely to meet noise target by 2030 — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2022-09-23 11: 00: 15 , News [ad_1] The EEA briefing ‘Outlook to 2030 — Can the number of people affected by transport noise be cut by 30%?’ assesses the feasibility of achieving the zero pollution action plan’s noise reduction target through two scenarios: one optimistic and one less ambitious. According to the EEA briefing, even a high level of implementation of noise reduction measures would only reduce the number of people highly annoyed by transport noise by about 19% by 2030. Some examples of measures included in this optimistic scenario include a 50% electrification of road vehicle fleet, reduction of speed limits on urban roads, quieter aircrafts, and night curfews for take-offs and landing. The less ambitious scenario considers a more modest set of measures such as the regulation of noise from motor vehicles, a 25% electrification of road vehicle fleet, and improved landing and take-off procedures for aircrafts. This scenario predicts that the number of people affected by noise would actually increase by 3%, mainly due to a projected increase in road, rail and air transport. To achieve greater progress in reducing noise pollution, more efforts are needed to address noise from road transport, the EEA briefing states. To reach the zero pollution action plan target, measures would need to target not only areas with acute noise problems, but also areas where noise levels are more moderate. A combination of measures including, new or stricter noise regulations, better urban and transport planning as well as significant reductions in road traffic in cities could pave the way to reach the target. The EEA briefing also includes five case studies of reducing noise pollution from transport in Berlin (road design), Madrid and Florence (low-noise asphalt and noise barriers), Monza (low-emission zones), Switzerland (rail pads and quieter train brakes), and Zürich (speed limits). The EEA briefing is based on the European Topic Centre on Human Health and the Environment report ‘Projected health impacts from transportation noise — Exploring two scenarios for 2030’. Location field [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.eea.europa.eu

9th meeting of the EU Rural Networks Assembly

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-07-19 11: 37: 24 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] The ninth meeting of the European Rural Networks’ Assembly will enable exchanges between participants on the latest developments on the CAP Reform, approval of Member States’ CAP Strategic Plans, and other relevant EU Policy initiatives, including A long-term vision for EU's rural areas, Horizon Europe and the outcomes of the Rural Pact Conference. The meeting will also provide an update on planned and forthcoming rural networks’ activities, EU CAP network future governance and preliminary findings of the ENRD/NRN evaluation study. The EU CAP Network Launch Event will take place the day after this event (6 October 2022) in Brussels.   [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

EU CAP Network Launch Event

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-07-28 14:55:36 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] The launch of the EU CAP Network will take place on Thursday, 6 October 2022 in Brussels. The EU CAP Network will serve as a platform for knowledge and information exchange, for peer-to-peer learning, and for sharing experiences and good practices in the implementation of the CAP. It will bring under one single EU-level network current stakeholders covering innovation, implementation and evaluation, and also involve new ones. This event will be built around interactive sessions and other  activities, including the Rural Inspiration Awards 2022 Ceremony. Participants will be invited to join different workshops on implementation, innovation, evaluation and communication. A fringe area is open for stakeholders to hold their own sessions. The event will also offer networking opportunities and peer-to-peer exchanges. The event will follow the 9th Rural Networks’ Assembly on 5 October 2022. Background information [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

20th EU Regions Week | The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD)

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-01 11:09:20 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] As part of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022, DG HOME and DG AGRI will be running a workshop on the inclusion and integration of migrants and refugees in rural areas, which will build upon the EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion (watch a short explanatory video on the action plan here) and the long-term vision for the EU's rural areas. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Sustainability crucial for long-term viability of the sector — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2022-09-21 12: 58: 05 , News [ad_1] The European Aviation Environmental Report 2022 (published on EASA website) looks at the historic and future scenarios of air traffic and its associated noise and emissions. It also summarises the latest scientific understanding of these impacts before focusing on five main impact mitigation areas (technology and design; sustainable aviation fuels; air traffic management - operations; airports and market-based measures) with recommendations on how to further improve the level of environmental protection. Welcoming the report as a key instrument to support evidenced-based policy-making, European Commissioner for Transport Adina Vălean commented: “Considerable action has already been taken since the last edition of this report in 2019. This is reflected, for instance, in ever lower CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre and improved noise performance of aircraft. But the report shows scope to go further – with Sustainable Aviation Fuels showing particular potential, in line with our EU policy approach.” EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky stated: “Safety is a core element of the culture within the aviation sector and this commitment is reflected at all levels to ensure successful and effective business operations. The European Green Deal means that these same principles now need to be applied to the strategic issue of environmental protection, to ensure the long-term viability of the industry. EASA stands ready to play its role in achieving this.” EEA Executive Director Hans Bruyninckx added: “As a key part of our mobility system, the aviation sector must fully contribute to achieving the Union’s climate and environment goals. Fully reflecting the costs from aviation environmental and climate impacts within market prices and enhancing the consistency of taxation across sectors would provide meaningful incentives to accelerate the transition of the EU transport sector towards sustainability.” EUROCONTROL Director General Eamonn Brennan stressed: “This important report shows that as an industry we have already made substantial steps to achieve our sustainability goals. We have made major advances on the operational side. However, we now need to urgently move forward on the issue of how we power our aircraft in the most sustainable way forward while moving towards zero emission aircraft in the medium to long term. All of this has a cost, and this must be addressed on a systemic level.” While the number of flights at EU27+EFTA airports dropped dramatically from 9.3 million in 2019, to respectively 4.12 million and 5.07 million in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, longer-term trends show that the region will be home to some 12.2 million annual flights by 2050, with aircraft CO2 emissions potentially rising to 188 million tonnes, unless environmental protection is further mainstreamed across the sector. Recognising the multiple European and industry goals that have been established over the last three years, the report highlights the need to independently monitor progress to ensure transparency, accountability, credibility and ultimately establish trust that the measures in place will meet the agreed targets. About the report The report is produced by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency... Lees meer

European Sustainable Energy Week

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-06-15 15: 23: 18 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) brings together public authorities, private companies, projects, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient energies. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

First meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group on Strengthening the position of farmers in the organic food supply chain

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-19 15: 45: 39 , ENRD News [ad_1] The first meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group (TG) on Strengthening the position of farmers in the organic food supply chain took place online on 15 September 2022. Presentations from the day are available on the event page. The meeting aimed to take stock of the policy & regulatory framework for organic value chains and begin to identify the key enabling conditions and barriers to strengthen the role of organic producers in the organic value chain. Check the event page regularly for further updates, including videos and reporting from the day. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Duurzame ontwikkeling: neem deel aan het SDG-forum

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-09-16 13: 34: 10 , [ad_1] Op 4 oktober vindt het SDG-Forum weer plaats in Flagey. SDG staat voor Sustainable Development Goals: duurzameontwikkelingsdoelstellingen. Een dag vol interessante keynotes, debatten en workshops rond allerlei thema's zoals SDG's & lokaal bestuur, SDG's & Business, SDG's & beleid, SDG's & educatie en SDG's & biodiversiteit. Meer info op www.sdgforum.be/nl       [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Aangifte in de belasting niet-inwoners 2022

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-09-16 10: 11: 09 , [ad_1] U hebt inkomsten in België (bijvoorbeeld een loon, een pensioen, huurinkomsten) en u verblijft in het buitenland, of u bent in België voor een beperkte periode (bijvoorbeeld voor het werk of studies)? Dan kunt u vanaf nu uw aangifte in de belasting niet-inwoners indienen via MyMinfin (Tax-on-web). U of uw mandataris hebben nog tot 25 november 2022 de tijd om ze online in te dienen. De papieren aangiften zullen in de loop van september 2022 verzonden worden. U hebt tot 10 november 2022 de tijd als u de aangifte op papier wilt indienen. Meer informatie over de belasting niet-inwoners Meer informatie over en de hulp bij het invullen van uw aangifte     [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

2nd TG meeting on Carbon Farming: Highlights report

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-15 12: 02: 38 , ENRD News [ad_1] The meeting report of the 2nd meeting of the Thematic Group on Carbon Farming (9 June 2022) is now available in English. This second meeting built on the Thematic Group activities so far. It looked at how to demonstrate the success of initiatives in sequestering carbon and agreed what conditions need to be put in place to enable the upscaling of carbon farming in all parts of the EU. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Europese week van de mobiliteit 2022

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-09-12 12: 28: 27 , [ad_1] De Europese week van de mobiliteit heeft plaats van 16 tot 22 september 2022 in heel wat steden en gemeenten met als thema 'Better connections'. Het hoogtepunt van de week, de autoloze zondag, valt dit jaar op 18 september 2022.Heeft u zin om met de fiets naar uw werk of school te rijden? Probeer het eens uit tijdens de Europese week van de mobiliteit! Laat u inspireren door het artikel 'Fietsgebruik in België: de elektrische fiets heeft de wind in de rug …' van de FOD Mobiliteit. Bezoek de website Europeanmobilityweek (en)  Meer informatie van de gewesten over de week van de mobiliteit: www.weekvandemobiliteit.be (Vlaanderen)weekvandemobiliteit.brussels (Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest)www.mobilite.wallonie.be (Wallonië) (fr)   [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

BirdLife100 World Congress

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-14 10: 36: 34 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] Free virtual tickets are available to join the BirdLife100 World Congress, where conservationists and renowned environmental advocates from around the world will come together to bring nature back from the brink. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Grading machine for forest and hedging plants

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-08 11: 48: 22 , ENRD Projects and Practice [ad_1] More than 25 million plants were graded during 2019, 2020 and 2021. This helped the company’s performance through increased professional efficiency. The machine had to be made very durable. The products are very difficult to automatise as there is a lot of ground, leaves and humidity so all machinery parts had to be protected from the products. As a lot of unexperienced young people work in the company, the vision and detection of quality had to be developed to grade a wide variety of plants. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu