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1 in 6 people globally affected by infertility: WHO

4 April 2023 News release Geneva, Switzerland Reading time: 2 min (617 words) العربية 中文 Français Русский Español Large numbers of people are affected by infertility in their lifetime, according to a new report published today by WHO. Around 17.5% of the adult population – roughly 1 in 6 worldwide – experience infertility, showing the urgent need to increase access to affordable, high-quality fertility care for those in need. The new estimates show limited variation in the prevalence of infertility between regions. The rates are comparable for high-, middle- and low-income countries, indicating that this is a major health challenge globally. Lifetime prevalence was 17.8% in high-income countries and 16.5% in low- and middle-income countries. “The report reveals an important truth: infertility does not discriminate,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General at WHO. “The sheer proportion of people affected show the need to widen access to fertility care and ensure this issue is no longer sidelined in health research and policy, so that safe, effective, and affordable ways to attain parenthood are available for those who seek it.” Infertility is a disease of the male or female reproductive system, defined by the failure to achieve a pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse. It can cause significant distress, stigma, and financial hardship, affecting people’s mental and psychosocial well-being. Despite the magnitude of the issue, solutions for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infertility – including assisted reproductive technology such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) – remain underfunded and inaccessible to many due to high costs, social stigma and limited availability. At present, in most countries, fertility treatments are largely funded out of pocket – often resulting in devastating financial costs. People in the poorest countries spend a greater proportion of their income on fertility care compared to people in wealthier countries. High costs frequently prevent people from accessing infertility treatments or alternatively, can catapult them into poverty as a consequence of seeking care. "Millions of people face catastrophic healthcare costs after seeking treatment for infertility, making this a major equity issue and all too often, a medical poverty trap for those affected,” said Dr Pascale Allotey, Director of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Research at WHO, including the United Nations’ Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (HRP). “Better policies and public financing can significantly improve access to treatment and protect poorer households from falling into poverty as a result.” While the new report shows convincing evidence of the high global prevalence of infertility, it highlights a persistent lack of data in many countries and some regions. It calls for greater availability of national data on infertility disaggregated by age and by cause to help with quantifying infertility, as well as knowing who needs fertility care and how risks can be reduced. Notes to editors About the report This report provides insight into global and regional infertility prevalence by analyzing all relevant studies from 1990 to 2021, taking into account different estimation approaches used.... Lees meer

VSA nooi outoritêre verregse regimes na 'Summit for Democracy'

https://youtu.be/OK9F27WIcec Die Joe Biden-administrasie het talle outoritêre verregse leiers na die Amerikaanse staatsdepartement se sogenaamde "Beraad vir Demokrasie" genooi, waaronder Israel se Benjamin Netanyahu, Pole se Andrzej Duda, Indië se Narendra Modi, Italië se Giorgia Meloni en Pakistan se staatsgreepregime. Bronne en meer inligting hier: https://geopoliticaleconomy.com/2023/... Mexiko se AMLO roep Amerikaanse 'oligargie' uit tydens Biden se 'demokrasie'-beraad: https://geopoliticaleconomy.com/2023/ ... ONDERWERPE : 0:00 Amerikaanse beraad vir skynheiligheid 9:51 Sjina 13:53 Israel 18:14 Pole 22:42 Italië 26:07 Oekraïne 33:48 Taiwan separatiste 36:43 Pakistan 38:28 Indië 54:04 Gevolgtrekking Geopolitieke ekonomieverslag, oorweeg dit asseblief om ons by https://GeopoliticalEconomy.com/Support te ondersteun Patreon: https://Patreon.com/GeopoliticalEconomy Podcast: https://Soundcloud.com/GeopoliticalEc... Nuusbrief: https://GeopoliticalEconomy.Substack.com

Mogelijkheid om boetes enkel digitaal te ontvangen via e-Box Enterprise

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2023-02-08 10:14:23 , [ad_1] Sinds het begin van zomer 2022 ontvangen ondernemingen juridische documenten, zoals hun onmiddellijke inningen voor verkeersovertredingen, digitaal via de e-Box Enterprise. Tot en met eind januari 2023 ontving elke ondernemingen elke boete tweemaal, zowel op papier als in digitale vorm. Vanaf nu ontvangen de ondernemingen die de optie “enkel in digitaal formaat” activeerden, hun boetes enkel nog digitaal. Opgelet: eenmaal deze optie geactiveerd is, is deze onomkeerbaar. Meer weten over de e-Box Enterprise? Surf snel naar https://www.eboxenterprise.be/nl/index.html [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

23rd NRN Meeting: Highlights report and synthesis of session on CAP networks & innovation available!

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2023-01-27 13: 30: 01 , ENRD News [ad_1] The meeting report of the 23rd National Rural Networks Meeting (20 - 21 September 2022) is now available on the event page in English. On the same page you can find a synthesis of the session on CAP networks & innovation, as well as a summary of the field trips, presentations, videos and pictures of the day. The ENRD Contact Point, jointly with the Dutch Rural Network, organised the 23rd National Rural Networks meeting in the Netherlands as part of the International Conference: It’s time to fly. The aims of the meeting were to identify and discuss the role of the CAP networks in supporting green architecture of the CAP. It provided an opportunity to explore different approaches how can NSUs strengthen innovation support working with advisors, researchers, and practitioners on preparing innovative projects and to provide an update on rural networking activities carried out by the EU networks’ Support Units. A working session on specific networking activities, including the Rural Inspiration Awards Cluster vote took place too. Read the highlights report to find out more about this event. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Markets for many commonly recycled materials struggle in the EU — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2023-01-26 11: 00: 44 , News [ad_1] The EEA report ’Investigating Europe′s secondary raw material markets’ presents a set of criteria to analyse the functioning of markets for secondary, recycled raw materials. Improving markets for recycled raw materials is key to delivering a circular economy in the EU, reducing the need to extract natural resources and avoiding the associated environmental impacts. Applying the assessment criteria on eight common secondary material markets, the EEA report concludes that only three of those — aluminium, paper and glass — are functioning well. These markets provide credible and continuous information to market stakeholders, they are international and open, and the recycled materials have a significant market share, compared with primary materials, the EEA report notes. The five secondary raw material markets that are not functioning well include wood, plastics, biowaste, aggregates from construction and demolition waste, and textiles. According to the EEA analysis, the main problems in these markets are their small size compared with primary materials, weak demand, and lack of common specifications, which reduces the quality of materials for industrial use. In addition, some materials face specific challenges, such as competing demand for energy use in the case of wood. Besides acknowledging the need for more information to enable a proper monitoring and assessment of the markets’ development, the EEA report presents several options to overcome market barriers for recycled raw materials. These include incentives to design products that are easier to recycle, strengthening recycling targets, increasing recycled content in new products, establishing technical standards for recycled materials and using taxes to level price competition with primary raw materials. Location field [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.eea.europa.eu

Beschermd gebied de Vlakte van de Raan: uw mening telt!

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2023-01-24 17: 23: 21 , [ad_1] Van 9 februari 2023 tot en met 9 april 2023 organiseert de dienst Marien Milieu van de FOD Volksgezondheid, Veiligheid van de Voedselketen en Leefmilieu een openbare raadpleging over het ontwerp van de instandhoudingsdoelstellingen en de beheerplannen voor de Vlakte van de Raan.  Het marien ruimtelijk plan 2020-2026 voorziet in de aanduiding van een nieuw habitatrichtlijngebied in onze Noordzee, de Vlakte van de Raan. Om tot een goed beheer te komen, voorziet het koninklijk besluit van 27 oktober 2016 betreffende de procedure tot aanduiding en beheer van de mariene beschermde gebieden dat er instandhoudingsdoelstellingen en beheerplannen vastgesteld worden. Deze instandhoudingsdoelstellingen en beheerplannen geven aan wat er binnen de Vlakte van de Raan nagestreefd en ondernomen wordt om de ‘gunstige staat van instandhouding’ voor de beschermde habitats en soorten te herstellen of te behouden.   In het ontwerp ‘Instandhoudingsdoelstellingen voor Natura 2000 in het Belgische deel van de Noordzee – aanvulling Vlakte van de Raan’ zijn voor de te beschermen habitats en soorten overkoepelende doelen beschreven die, waar mogelijk, verdere invulling krijgen door concrete, operationele instandhoudingsdoelstellingen. Het ontwerp ‘Beheerplannen voor Natura 2000 in het Belgische deel van de Noordzee (2022-2027) – aanvulling Vlakte van de Raan’ geeft een overzicht van de verschillende maatregelen die reeds genomen zijn en van de acties die in de komende jaren uitgevoerd moeten worden.  Deze openbare raadpleging komt voort uit het Verdrag van Aarhus, dat u het recht geeft op inspraak bij beslissingen over het milieu.   Meer informatie vindt u vanaf 9 februari 2023 op www.consult-leefmilieu.be  Voor meer informatie, zie Natuurbescherming en -herstel  [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Monitoring soil threats in Europe — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2023-01-18 11: 00: 00 , News [ad_1] European soils are under increasing pressure due to soil sealing, pollution, intensive agriculture and climate change. At the same time, there are management options to improve soil functions and health, including to sequester carbon, increase biodiversity and prevent erosion. The EEA's ‘Soil monitoring report’ presents a comprehensive set of common indicators to assess soil health as well as risk-based thresholds to inform protection and restauration needs and soil-related policies in Europe. The selected indicators address soil organic carbon, nutrients, acidification, pollution, biodiversity, erosion, compaction and sealing. For each indicator, the EEA report identifies thresholds beyond which soil functioning, for example for water purification or food production, is negatively affected. These thresholds can be regarded as critical tipping points for soil health and action points to safeguard soils. The EEA assessment supports the EU soil strategy for 2030, which is an integral element of the European Green Deal with the overall aim of ensuring healthy soil ecosystems and sustainable use of EU soils. Location field [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.eea.europa.eu

In 2023 mogen studenten 600 uur werken in plaats van 475 uur!

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2023-01-10 15: 25: 12 , [ad_1] Sinds 1 januari 2023 mogen studenten 600 uur per jaar werken aan beperkte sociale bijdragen. Deze overgang van 475 naar 600 uur kan gevolgen hebben voor het statuut van een student die ten laste van zijn ouders valt, maar ook voor het recht op kinderbijslag. Het statuut hangt af van het maximumsalaris om nog ten laste van de ouders te blijven. Daarnaast is het recht op kinderbijslag afhankelijk van het aantal uren dat een student per jaar mag werken om dat recht te behouden.  Meer informatie vind je op de website Student@work.     [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

11e editie van de Barometer van de Informatiemaatschappij

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2023-01-10 15: 28: 24 , [ad_1] België verliest 4 plaatsen op de Europese ranglijst van kernprestaties van de digitale economie en samenleving. Dat blijkt uit de Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). Ons land scoort wel goed op de integratie en het gebruik van digitale technologieën in bedrijven. Dat concludeert de 11e editie van de Barometer van de Informatiemaatschappij van de FOD Economie. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Vakantiegeld 2020 nog niet gekregen?

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-12-20 12: 36: 44 , [ad_1] Bent u arbeider of niet-zelfstandig kunstenaar? Ongeveer 16.500 arbeiders en niet-zelfstandige kunstenaars hebben nog altijd hun rekeningnummer niet meegedeeld om hun vakantiegeld 2020 (werkjaar 2019) te krijgen. En dat vakantiegeld komt vast van pas tijdens deze energiecrisis. Kijk dus snel na of u nog vakantiegeld tegoed hebt! Meer informatie op de website van de FOD Sociale zekerheid [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Aantal actieve kmo’s in België weer in de lift

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-12-13 15: 59: 30 , [ad_1] In 2021 waren er in België bijna 1,1 miljoen kleine en middelgrote ondernemingen actief. Dat is een groei van meer dan 4 % ten opzichte van het voorgaande jaar. Volgens gegevens van de FOD Economie behoort België daarmee tot de best presterende landen van de Europese Unie. Het aantal faillissementen zakte fors. Lees meer Ontdek meer informatie in de rubriek 'Kmo's en zelfstandigen in cijfers' op de website van de FOD Economie. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Justitie vereenvoudigt het legalisatieproces voor documenten van beëdigd vertalers en vertaler-tolken

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-12-13 11: 33: 36 , [ad_1] Justitie digitaliseert verder, want vanaf heden kunnen vertalers en vertaler-tolken hun vertaalde documenten digitaal legaliseren via hun elektronische handtekening. Voornaamste doel hiervan is het legalisatieproces van vertaalde documenten voor gebruik in het binnen- en buitenland, te digitaliseren en vereenvoudigen.  Voordien werd gebruik gemaakt van een papieren validatieprocedure, waardoor de vertaler of burger het vertaalde document moest legaliseren aan de hand van een fysieke stempel. Daarnaast moesten documenten voor buitenlands gebruik op papier worden aangeboden aan de loketten van de FOD Justitie en FOD Buitenlandse Zaken. Beide procedures sinds 1 december 2022 vervangen door een volledig digitale procedure. Wenst u zeker te zijn of een vertaler of vertaler-tolk erkend is door de FOD Justitie? Via de openbare databank van het nationaal register, toegankelijk via Just-on-web, kunt u vertalers, tolken en vertalers-tolken opzoeken.  [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Effective nature finance needs better data, analysis and tools — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2022-12-07 13: 00: 09 , News [ad_1] The EEA briefing ‘Financing nature as a solution’ draws attention to the conditions of effective financing of nature-based solutions. The briefing contributes to bridging the gap between analysis on the state of nature in Europe and development of effective biodiversity finance. To support environmental policy, there is a clear need to considerably increase public and private investments in protecting and restoring nature. However, these investments are challenged by several barriers, such as lack of sufficient data and standardised impact metrics. According to the EEA briefing, key improvements would create more favourable conditions for effective nature finance. First, biodiversity data needs strengthening to allow for measuring impacts of investments. Moreover, nature and financial data need to be integrated spatially to allow for effective targeting of interventions, such as nature restoration. Also, there is a need for standardised models about the environmental impacts of different business activities. The EEA briefing notes that while some activities are clearly destructive at local scale, others can create a variety of lower pressures, and some can have mixed impacts or different impacts on different scales. Finally, protecting and restoring biodiversity requires different types of finance from different actors. Innovative and differentiated mechanisms and finance instruments are therefore needed to attract a broad range of partners, the EEA briefing says.   The findings of this EEA briefing ‘Financing nature as a solution’ will be discussed at a joint online event with the European Investment Bank at Biodiversity Conference of the Parties COP15 on 14 December 2022. More information is available on the event and registration page. Location field [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.eea.europa.eu

Alle cijfers over België 2022

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-12-07 11: 15: 28 , [ad_1] Ontdek de jaarlijkse brochure Kerncijfers, die wordt uitgegeven door Statistics Belgium, de Algemene Directie Statistiek van de FOD Economie. Deze brochure bevat basiscijfers over bevolking, samenleving, grondgebied, leefmilieu, economie, vastgoed, bouw, mobiliteit en vervoer in België.Duidelijke kaarten, tabellen en grafieken tonen niet alleen de Belgische trends maar plaatsen ze eveneens in Europees perspectief. Media, beleidsmakers, burgers, ondernemers, onderzoekers etc. gebruiken deze cijfers dagelijks.Raadpleeg de brochure Kerncijfers - Statistisch overzicht van België 2022.Voor meer details over statistieken in België kunt u de website van Statistics Belgium raadplegen. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

Workshop on Implementing the CAP Green Architecture: Meeting highlights

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-12-02 15: 20: 55 , ENRD News [ad_1] The highlights report of the Workshop on Implementing the CAP Green Architecture (20 September 2022) is now available. Participants met in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, to explore approaches and possible solutions for maximising environmental and climate ambition through the range of interventions Member States are planning to use within their CSPs. This workshop was part of the International Conference ‘It’s time to fly’, hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Chrysoloras Winery – Winery establishment and farm modernisation

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-10-25 16: 53: 43 , ENRD Projects and Practice [ad_1] A new organic vineyard of 0.43 acres was planted by a young farmer in 2021 on the small Greek island of Serifos with help from CAP funds. Other rural development co-finance was used to help purchase machinery and equipment for the modernisation of vine production, including a motor cultivator, a woodchipper, a grass trimmer, and a chainsaw. Different CAP funds were also involved with the beneficiary’s wider business plans. These included income support from Pillar 1, organic farming aid for participation in quality schemes and payments for areas with natural constraints. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

EIP-AGRI Operational Group: Farmers4Safety – Managing Risk Together Project

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-10-25 16: 58: 41 , ENRD Projects and Practice [ad_1] The project’s innovative peer-to-peer ‘Buddy’ approach led to effective networking and open lines of communication within the farming community. ‘On the ground’ actions by the Farm Mentors resulted in increased levels of innovative thinking within the farming community in an effort to help address farm accidents and fatalities. Surveys clarified the diverse needs and challenges facing farmers and their families towards farm safety, health and wellbeing. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Introducing the Sámi food culture into public kitchens

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-10-31 16: 21: 03 , ENRD Projects and Practice [ad_1] The Sámi people inhabit the region of Sámi, which incorporates most of northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland as well as parts of North-western Russia. The Sámi have their own traditional food culture which was not well known to the public kitchens of Sweden’s Sámi region, where many Sámi live and where this project was based. In cooperation with the municipal authorities, food kitchens and Sámi food businesses of the region, an educational services company implemented a project that would bring all parties together to solve the issue of how to get Sámi cuisine onto the menu of public kitchens. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Moving towards sustainability in times of multiple crises and uncertainty — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2022-11-28 13: 00: 35 , News [ad_1] Europe is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, faced with a war in Ukraine and committed to ambitious goals of the European Green Deal for protecting the climate, nature and people’s health. ‘EEA Signals 2022 – Staying on course for a sustainable Europe’ provides a snapshot of the Agency’s assessment and data that are linked to this context and making Europe’s energy system more secure and sustainable. The ‘EEA Signals’ is a based on a series of short articles based on previously published EEA data, information, and expert interviews.  EEA Signals 2022 editorial and articles look at the state of play in the energy sector, moving towards more renewables, saving energy and links with the transport sector. Jorge Cabrita, research manager at Eurofound, discusses the concept of ‘just transition’ and tells about Eurofound’s work towards that goal. Eva Mayerhofer, lead biodiversity and environment specialist at the European Investment Bank, Andreas Barkman, and EEA’s lead expert on sustainable finance, tell about the challenges and opportunities in accelerating Europe’s green transition through sustainable financing.   Building a sustainable energy system for Europe requires time, and the decisions that we take now will define our options for decades to come. This is especially true for expensive energy infrastructure. Given the current circumstances, Europe needs to react quickly but also in the right direction to avoid lock-ins on solutions that are not compatible with what we want to hand over to future generations. Hans Bruyninckx, EEA Executive Director (See Editorial) The ‘EEA Signals’ is an annual, easy-to-read web publication, that looks at key issues related to the environment and climate. Recent EEA Signals reports have looked at nature (2021) pollution (2020), soil (2019) and water (2018). Location field [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.eea.europa.eu

Premature deaths due to air pollution continue to fall in the EU, more efforts needed to deliver a toxic-free environment

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2022-11-24 01: 02: 49 , News [ad_1] The EEA has published its full ‘Air quality in Europe 2022’ assessment, presenting the status of air quality in Europe, assessing the impacts of air pollution on health and ecosystems, and identifying sources of emissions to air. According to the EEA analysis, air pollution continues to pose significant risks to health in Europe, causing chronic illness and premature deaths. In 2020, 96% of the EU’s urban population was exposed to concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) above the WHO guideline level of 5 microgrammes per cubic metre (µg/m3) of air. Air pollution also harms biodiversity and damages agricultural crops and forests, causing major economic losses.   At least 238,000 early deaths from fine particles in the EU Poor air quality, especially in urban areas, continues to affect the health of European citizens. According to the EEA’s latest estimates, at least 238,000 people died prematurely in the EU in 2020 due to exposure to PM2.5 pollution above the WHO guideline level of 5 µg/m3. Nitrogen dioxide pollution led to 49,000, and exposure to ozone to 24,000 early deaths in the EU. As well as premature death, air pollution causes ill health and adds significant costs on the health care sector. For example, in 2019, exposure to PM2.5 led to 175,702 years lived with disability (YLDs) due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease across 30 European countries. Note: As with previous years, the health impacts of different air pollutants should not be added together to avoid double counting due to some overlaps in data. This is the case for both mortality and illness. From 2005 to 2020, the number of early deaths from exposure to PM2.5 fell by 45% in the EU. If this trend continues, the EU is expected to deliver on the zero pollution action plan target of a 55% reduction in premature deaths by 2030. Nevertheless, further efforts will be needed to meet the zero pollution vision for 2050 of reducing air pollution to levels no longer considered harmful to health.   Loss of biodiversity, damage on forests, crops Air pollution also harms land and water ecosystems. In 2020, damaging levels of nitrogen deposition were seen in 75% of the total EU ecosystem area. This represents a 12% reduction since 2005 while the EU zero pollution action plan’s target is to reach a 25% reduction by 2030. According to the EEA analysis, 59% of forested areas and in 6% agricultural land were exposed to damaging levels of ground-level ozone in Europe in 2020. Economic losses due to the impacts of ground-level ozone on wheat yields totalled about EUR 1.4 billion across 35 European countries in 2019, with the biggest losses seen in France, Germany, Poland, and Türkiye.   More than half of fine particle emissions from energy use in buildings The main source of particulate matter pollution in Europe is from fuel combustion in the residential, commercial and institutional sector, the EEA analysis shows. These emissions are mainly linked to... Lees meer

OROMINERVA – Investments in agro-food processing

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-10-25 16: 47: 24 , ENRD Projects and Practice [ad_1] Revenue growth reached an average of +30% annually following the project. Thanks to the acquisition of new machinery, the company is now able to create new types of recipes that were not previously possible. In 2022, Orominerva obtained the quality certification FSSC22000 for Food Safety Management Systems. In the same year it won the Gambero Rosso Award for the best artichokes in olive oil in Italy. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

Verlaag uw energierekening via de website energywatchers.be

Bron: www.belgium.be België: 2022-11-10 16: 20: 33 , [ad_1] De dienst Klimaatverandering van de FOD Volksgezondheid, Veiligheid van de Voedselketen en Leefmilieu lanceerde de nieuwe website energywatchers.be die u kan helpen uw verbruik en dus uw energierekening te verlagen.De website biedt meer dan 115 energiebesparende tips rond gebruiksgedrag, aankopen, milieu en premies en geeft het investeringsniveau van de tips weer. Via 28 calculators kunt u zich het energieverbruik of de gerealiseerde besparing concreet voorstellen in kWh, in euro of in kg CO2-uitstoot. U kunt zowel de door de website voorgestelde gemiddelde cijfers gebruiken als zelf de cijfers personaliseren volgens uw profiel.Ook zonder grote investeringen kunt u honderden euro’s besparen op uw energiefactuur en dat is ook goed voor het milieu. Heel veel Belgen doen al inspanningen die samen een groot verschil maken … doet u ook mee?Bezoek de website energywatchers.beLees het persbericht van de FOD Volksgezondheid, Veiligheid van de Voedselketen en Leefmilieu    [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.belgium.be

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Final conference of the Smart Rural 21 project

Bron: enrd.ec.europa.eu België: 2022-09-14 10: 17: 16 , ENRD Upcoming Events [ad_1] The conference will present the final outcomes of the Smart Rural 21 project that is the result of intensive collaboration with rural communities and other relevant stakeholders across Europe to realise Smart Villages on the ground over more than two years. [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van enrd.ec.europa.eu

How to keep buildings cool sustainably? — European Environment Agency

Bron: www.eea.europa.eu België: 2022-11-10 10: 59: 46 , News [ad_1] The EEA briefing ‘Cooling buildings sustainably in Europe’ analyses how to best alleviate heat stress in buildings and its potential impacts on vulnerable groups, health and inequalities and at same time decrease the energy use. Heatwaves, urbanisation and ageing populations can prompt a heavy use of active cooling in buildings, which is inefficient, socially inequitable and increases energy use. Prioritising passive cooling solutions, improving energy efficiency of buildings, communicating on individual good practices and promoting urban cooling solutions, such as green and blue public spaces, are more sustainable solutions to address heat stress, the EEA briefing states. Moreover, targeting vulnerable groups would minimise negative health impacts from heat stress and reduce inequalities and energy poverty. When active cooling is necessary, cooling systems should be as efficient as possible, low carbon and equitably accessible by vulnerable and other groups. According to the EEA briefing, current EU policies development and the renovation wave offer key opportunities to ensure low-carbon cooling solutions that are socially just and strengthen societal resilience. Recent EEA report shows that more frequent heatwaves and increasing vulnerability of the population will lead to a substantial increase in adverse health impacts in Europe unless adaptation measures are taken. An earlier EEA analysis showed that heatwaves caused about 77 000-129 000 deaths in Europe during the past 40 years, representing about 90% of all climate-related fatalities. The new EEA briefing is based on a study conducted by Ramboll for the EEA, as well as past EEA work and contributions from the EIONET network. Location field [ad_2] Lees dit artikel en meer van www.eea.europa.eu